On first appearances the Garakji is very similar to the Turk’s Head in its’ spherical form. It is in fact slightly different as the Garakji enters and exits the knot in a slightly different area.

The Garakji is a knot borrowed from Korean Maedeup. It is usually constructed around a finger and is sometimes called the Ring Knot. Seemingly, in Korean, “Garakji” was the name given to rings that came in pairs. They were designed to be worn with one on each hand, and crafted so that they would lock together when the wearer clasped their hands together. They symbolized a husband and wife being one in body and spirit and they were worn by married women. (Unmarried women wore single rings called “Banji”).

I like constructing Garakji, although the mind must not wander during the tightening process or inevitably it shall all go wrong – the clear mind required often clears the way for memories from my dreams to return to me…