Hei Toki

Hei Toki Lashing is a name, or description to be more correct, commonly given to this beautiful and functional lashing.

The origins for this lashing can be traced back to Polynesian fishing hooks. Today it can be found adorning many of the amazing pendants carved out of bone or Greenstone from the Maori culture of New Zealand. It is most usually seen on the “Toki” shaped pendants, which lends to it the name we most commonly use. “Hei” refers to suspending the “Toki”, or adze, from the neck, and “lashing” describes the type of knot.

The pendants to which the lashings are attached have great significance within the Maori culture and when I use this knot I always feel enormous respect for their people and culture. Many people from our own shores have emigrated to the other side of this world, whether by choice or not. I hope that the wearer of any of my pendants which binds the Hei Toki knot to a piece of wood, which lived and breathed the air of Scotland, not only respect and remember their own roots, but also the common roots of all cultures.