The inspiration for my hand-tied knotwork jewellery has many strands…I can trace the first back to when, as a wee girl, I was first shown how to take three stands and plait them together. It didn’t matter to me what the three strands consisted of – be it ribbons, twigs, scarves, hair  – I just loved plaiting and knotting. A further significant strand was introduced some time later when I noticed a fellow student at E.C.A. using some Celtic Knotwork as part of a storyboard. This triggered something deep inside and I just had to learn how to draw and create my own Celtic Knotwork Designs.

Later, wanting to entwine these two stands I pondered whether or not I could hand-tie Celtic Knotwork designs. This led to me investigating other decorative knots. I explored knots used by sailors from my own shores, as well as Polynesian fishing knots, the wonderful knots used on the Maori pendants of New Zealand, macramé, and Korean Maedeup to name but a few. During this process I was trying out these knots using fine cord in place of the more usual ropes or fishing twine. To my eyes some of these knots were inherently beautiful and this is where my hand-tied knotwork jewellery began. Disappointed with standard jewellery findings I began replacing bails, rings, beads, clasps and closures with bindings and knots. This has developed into the hand-tied knotwork findings which are characteristic of, and absolutely integral to my jewellery.