I produce pendants for both Ladies and Gents, all of which are individually created by me and feature my characteristic hand-tied knotwork.

I have created a range using individually selected pieces of wood, which I think of as “Tree Treasures”. These consist of a section of wood, shaped and taken to a wonderfully tactile finish. Each piece of wood has been carefully chosen to display a specific figure, or pattern created by the tree.  These pendants are made in their entirety by me and feature decorative knotwork in place of any metal bails, clasps or closures. Of course, being created from wood ensures that no two pieces shall ever be exactly the same.

I also make a small selection of pendants using “Other Treasures”. I prefer to utilize natural materials whenever I can, including stone and shell. I cannot lay any claim to abilities in finding, processing and carving these but I do feel that as beautiful natural materials they are well complemented by my delicate knotwork. Sometimes I come across an “Occasional Other Treasure” which is not entirely natural, but which I cannot resist! These pendants all feature my characteristic knotwork clasps & closures.